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Introduction and welcome video

Health Optimization
with Osteopathy and Homeopathy

Welcome to Dr. Erskine's Family Wellness Medical Center, located in Sebastopol, California. Dr. Erskine's practice specializes in Osteopathy, Homeopathy, and AIDS/HIV Care.

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Dr. Erskine DO treating a patient with Osteopathy
The osteopathic treatment is based on core philosophical tenets. Patient treatment varies depending on individual requirements as determined by evaluation. Dr. Erskine utilizes osteopathic techniques of various modalities: example Cranial Osteopathy (Cranial-Sacral Work), myofascial release, etc., that share a common intention to clear restrictions and restore fluid continuity, balance, and freedom.
Homeopathy, a highly systematic, scientific method of therapy, stimulates the organism's own healing process. It is useful in both chronic and acute diseases. Dr. Erskine treats the total person, not just for one part or organ.
Dr. Erskine's Family Wellness Medical Center is the premier private practice for HIV positive patients in Sonoma County, providing state of the art HIV Prevention and HIV Care.

"I came to Dr. Erskine with acute sacral iliac pain and had no luck with other treatments.   Dr. Erskine was able to get me pain free very quickly.  I think the Osteopathic manipulation is a fabulous way to treat all bone and joint problems and Dr. Erskine is very good at it.   Dr. Erskine has great people skills and really cares about his patients.   I would highly recommend him to anyone." 

-- David K. 09/17/2014


"I'm writing this statement to all those out there who suffer from pain and dizziness on a daily basis.   I want to encourage you to try Osteopathy.   It has really helped me over the years to keep my body in harmony.   I tried Chiropractic and found it upset my system or just didn't last.   Osteopathy is a deep tissue manipulation that not only relieves you but also heals you.  I've had several things happen to me that lead me to Osteopathy and Homeopathy.  I had a head injury that left me with PTSD.   That is a bruised brain.   I also had a wobble in my skull that wouldn't stop.   Regular medicine could not help me.  Osteopathy and Homeopathy healed me.   I'm back at work-I have my life back, and now I only have to go to Osteopathy once a month.   It last and last.   And it is well worth the money.   You are going to pay less in the long run with lasting results.   Try it and you won't be sorry.   Dr. Erskine is the best!

-- Heidi A. 2016


"The beauty for me of practicing both osteopathy & homeopathy is that, as a physician, I have the training and the skills which allow my patients access to a fuller range of healing assessment and therapeutics."

-- J. Yusuf Q. Erskine, DO



New feature - Videos!
As part of Dr. Erskine's ongoing commitment to health and well being, he is producing a series of O.N.E. Yoga videos which can be viewed here on his Yoga Page, Facebook, & YouTube.

2018 Yoga Series I
Jan 8th - Feb 26th
Mondays 7:15 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
$149.00 for 8 classes
Drop-in Fee: $20 per Class
Family System Constellation Workshop
Scheduled for: Mar. 3, 2018
Please contact us to register.
Family Tree
Click here for an article on Family System Constellation information.
CEASE Certificate
Dr. Erskine is now a certified CEASE practitioner.
“The Pursuit of Optimal Health”
A Workshop in O.N.E. Yoga*
The Pursuit of Optimal Health
by Dr. Yusuf Erskine